let’s get it started

I’ve been talking about doing this blog for months now. I’m not even sure why since I didn’t have any goals at the time. It would have been me ranting about feeling fat and not being able to eat everything I want with minimum exercise. I now get that I’m not one of those lucky people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, so I’m here to share how a normal girl can get fit and still enjoy her favorite things (cupcakes, wine, short ribs, ice cream, bacon, etc).

I haven’t had a solid fitness goal since I lost my freshman 15 my first year of grad school. Since then I’ve been consistently, and I use that word loosely, working out 3-4 days a week and hating the way I look. I’ve tried to change my diet, create a workout plan targeting my problem areas, buy expensive workout clothes, and join one of the fanciest gyms in Chicago. I’d lose a few pounds, but since I never felt smaller I didn’t think working hard was worth it. That’s when my boyfriend gave me the idea of measuring myself. You can easily lose inches without losing pounds. I think I started measuring myself in January then I went to Mexico and then Florida and then it was Easter and I could go on and on with excuses…

It finally started to get nice in Chicago so I upped my workout routines from 3-4 to 4-6 times per week. I started noticing some results and decided I wanted more results faster so I met with a nutritionist. I’m pretty smart about nutrition and I definitely understand that there aren’t any secrets, but what do I have to lose?

For one week I wore the BodyMedia Fit Metabolism Tracker armband to track calories burned, the number of steps I walked, and the amount and quality of my sleep. I used the BodyMedia Activity Manager to track the calories I ate. A couple times a day I would sync the armband to the BodyMedia site to view a summary of all this data. The counting calories part was difficult because I had to measure everything, but it really opens your eyes to how much overeating and even underestimating can happen. I didn’t try to impress my nutritionist by not having dessert or skipping that third glass of wine on a Tuesday, I knew I wanted to be completely honest and really understand what I’m doing every day. Most days were around 1000 calories, small splurges were 1300, and my one big splurge was 1800. Overall, the most important items I learned from that week were:

  • 1300 calories/day
  • I can’t splurge one day a week – I love cupcakes and wine too much so it needs to be spread out
  • Volume is key – I just love the act of eating

After one week of this I decided it was time to take my measurements again (it had been about 3 weeks). Finally! I got some results. I lost a couple inches and my drive to get fit was in full force. It’s now been 6 weeks since that first success and I’m well on my way of reaching my final goal – 9 pounds or 9 inches and here’s the most important part – all while being able to enjoy the foods I love.

Hopefully this blog will motivate my friends and at the very least it will keep me honest.



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