vaca follow up

So I didn’t count calories after day 5 of vacation or blog, but I’m not feeling bad about myself at all. I stuck to my oatmeal and peanut butter for breakfast every day except two, Jared’s mom makes amazing blueberry pancakes and we had to go out for breakfast once with friends at the Porthole. I kept all snacks healthy except when I was eating the best desserts Maine has to offer – Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, Whoopie Pies, and Ben & Bill’s ice cream. I also stuck to ordering small or kiddie sized ice creams. If you’re given too much food and can’t control yourself then just portion it out before you take that first bite. I know it’s kind of wasteful, but I’d rather it in the garbage than on my hips.

Let’s not forget about the eight servings of lobster I ate throughout the week. I’m pretty sure lobster is one of my all time favorites to eat. Two years in a row now Beal’s has come out on top as my favorite. If you’re ever in Bar Harbor, Maine it is a must.

Besides eating we enjoyed taking our dog Madison sailing and for her very first swim. She is definitely a water dog and I might even say outdoorsy. She was fetching sticks and off leash. I barely recognized her. Doesn’t she look like a happy pooch?

We had a wonderful vacation and it was the first time in a while that I let myself not think about my body 24/7. I knew I’d be right back in the gym and eating healthy when I returned home. It’s now Tuesday and I’ve already gone to body strength and spin.


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