50 reverse lunges

That was just the first thing I did this morning in my body strength class at the East Bank Club. More leg/glute exercises and then I got real lucky and we did MORE reverse lunges. I hate lunges. I think it’s because I’m lazy and they seem like way more work than squats. With squats I stand in one place, but lunges? Up and down, keeping my balance, and sometimes down into a push up in between. Unfortunately, it’s got to be done if I want that tight body I’ve been working towards. This morning was another excellent class to get my day started. I always have way more energy when I workout in the morning. If I don’t workout I’m able to sleep until 8am, which sounds amazing but I still never want to get up. My options are sleep in, still feel sleepy, and feel fat or get up right when my alarm goes off at 6:10, talk about wanting to go back to bed, workout, and finally feel good so I typically choose the latter.

Every week I try to get one girls night in my schedule. Tonight was girls night with Palak and Jen. We indulged in a little pizza and wine at La Madia followed by Pinkberry. That’s right, Pinkberry came to Chicago! I had a mini salted caramel with mochi and heath bar. It was only about 200 calories, a way better option than ice cream. And of course besides all of the tasty food we had a nice night out together and made it through hump day.


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