short term goal: chicago scene boat party 2011

It’s all about goals and my latest short term goal is Chicago Scene Boat Party 2011. Everyone that’s fun and has a boat in Chicago brings it to a predetermined location to tie up for a day of partying (so right up my alley right?). Jared and I have access to his friend’s boat so we’re bringing a few friends for the day. I hear he even has one of those blow up floating islands. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

I know I won’t look like the model wearing my new bathing suit (smoking grey) in 11 days, but I can try! My short term plan consists of:

– Hitting the gym 9 out of the next 11 days (I’ve already gone 8 straight since my Maine vacation so I might need a day or two rest)
– Keep the drinking to a minimum (no binge drinking until the big day, only red wine and keep it reasonable)
– 1 dessert or special sweet treat on Saturday

Of course this plan is pretty much what I stick to every week, but it helps me stay motivated when writing it down and thinking in the short term. If I can reduce that belly pooch even just a little by the party then that is success!


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