self control ain’t easy

I talk a big game about being healthy now, but every day is a struggle. I just can’t help myself and what sweet treats do to me, but I think I’m getting the hang of self control. One of my biggest weaknesses are cupcakes and particularly More cupcakes. I’m so over food trucks in Chicago except the More truck.

I can find that truck at least once a week in front of my condo AND work since they are right next door. So on my way back from the gym the truck is parked outside and then it’s still there when I go to work. It taunts me and I stare at it and I take a couple steps closer and then I back away and sometimes I look to see if they have my favorite flavor and finally I remind myself that a cupcake normally has around 500 calories. Today was another win. I haven’t had a cupcake from the truck in over 2 months. I’m not saying I’ll never get one, I just don’t want to make it a weekly splurge since I have so many other loves besides cupcakes!

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