extra splurge or setback?

I was home alone last night. I ate my dinner and then had sweets on my mind. I went to the kitchen and reached for the easter egg filled with Reese’s eggs and miniatures. I put a couple in the freezer since I love eating them cold. While they cooled off I went straight to the Reese’s site to look up nutrition information. 44 calories for one miniature. Hell no. If I had one I’d want 10 so forget that. On to the next idea, I thought I had a mini chocolate bunny from Easter but of course that was gone. And there it was, my giant solid milk chocolate bunny from Niagara Chocolate. All 12 ounces of it. Go big or go home right? I decided to break the ears off, but of course the head came with it. I surrendered and ate the entire piece. It probably took over an hour to gnaw it down, but let me tell you I enjoyed every minute of it.

I felt slightly guilty, but then reminded myself if I didn’t do this I would really go crazy soon. I only went over my daily calorie budget by 100 so the day wasn’t a complete wash. I woke up today trying not to think about it. I went to my 7am body strength class and when I ordered my frozen yogurt at lunch I only had blueberries instead of my favorite topping – crushed Oreo’s. Overall, I’d consider this an extra splurge. It would be a setback if I went home tonight and did the same thing.


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