short term goal follow up

It’s been 10 days since I shared my latest short term goal and I’ve got lots of progress to share. Here are the goals I set:

– Hitting the gym 9 out of the next 11 days (I’ve already gone 8 straight since my Maine vacation so I might need a day or two rest)

I was able to go to the gym every single day since I set this goal meaning I haven’t missed a day since Sunday, July 10. I even had one day with double workouts, not bad!

– Keep the drinking to a minimum (no binge drinking until the big day, only red wine and keep it reasonable)

I kept drinking to a minimum for sure. Most days I skipped it altogether, 2 days I maxed out around 10 ounces, and I had a splurge last night for girls night.

– 1 dessert or special sweet treat on Saturday

I skipped dessert when Jared and I went to Sunda last Saturday for dinner. I decided I’d rather have salted caramel Pinkberry since it was about 100 degrees out. I also came home and made a couple smores, but that isn’t even close to a real dessert (i.e. think chocolate souffle with ice cream). You all know about my extra splurge, but hey I’m human.

This week was also a measure week. I try to measure myself every 2 weeks unless I’m on vacation or have a super busy week. I haven’t had a chance to measure since right before our Maine vacation, so I had no idea what to expect. I knew I had been working out hard, but also drinking and eating out more than usual.

Since I haven’t shared much about my measuring let me give you a quick summary.

– I measure my arms, legs, waist, and hips
– My first week of measuring was January 3, 2011
– My total inches for that first week were 131.8125
– My goal was to lose 9 inches or 9 pounds (whatever comes first)
– I turned my goal into 3 tiers (tier 1 – 123lbs or 128.68in, tier 2 – 120lbs or 125.54, and tier 1 – 117lbs or 122.4 in)
– Each tier I get a reward (tier 1 – dinner at GT Fish & Oyster, tier 2 – spa day or new handbag, tier 3 – weekend trip of my choice, VEGAS duh)
– I just hit tier 2 last night – I measured in at 124.75
– I need to maintain tier 2 for one week before I get my reward
– I’m not sure what I want since all I can think about is losing 2.35 more inches so I can go to Vegas!


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