just like old times

This morning reminded me of many mornings years ago (as in 4 years ago) when Jared and I lived in Rochester, NY. We used to eat breakfast every day at the table together, get ready, and drive to work/school and be able to end our days around 3/4pm. Those were the good old days. Now I run to the gym at 7am and Jared is gone for work by 7:15am and we don’t see each other until at least 6:30pm. Living in Rochester did have some perks after all.

After the gym this morning I came home and had a relaxing few minutes with Jared while we made breakfast. Instead of my usual oatmeal and peanut butter I had a super tasty egg sandwich and it was even healthy! It was a great way to change things up. I wish we had more mornings like this.

Bagel Sandwich 234 calories (6.6g fat, 24.5g carb, 22.2g protein):

1 Thomas’ whole wheat bagel thin
1 Jennie-O turkey sausage
30 calories of egg whites
1 slice Kraft american cheese

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