tier 1 celebration

I recently shared my goals and how I broke it out into 3 tiers to reward myself throughout the painful process. I reached tier 1 weeks ago, but was waiting for the right time to enjoy it. I finally felt ready last week for a complete guilt free dinner. Guilt free being the most important thing since it was a celebration! I chose dinner at GT Fish & Oyster since I’ve been dying to go there and kept putting it off for some reason.

We started the celebration off right by ordering a bottle of wine (something we hardly ever do Mon-Thur). I obviously picked the cheapest red that sounded good. I was happy to see it was a malbec.

After lots of discussion and checking out the dessert menu before even ordering an appetizer I was ready to start our order. When going out to a nice dinner we like to make it a real event and order a couple items at a time so we don’t get stuffed too fast and can enjoy ourselves.

First course were the fish tacos. They were excellent! So fresh and light. I could have kept eating them forever, but I knew there were many more items to try.

Second course was the oyster po’ boy slider. I’ve never had an oyster, but Jared convinced me to try a bite and since they were only sliders we ordered two just in case I liked it. O-M-G. I’m not even kidding when I say this was one of the best things I have ever eaten. The oyster was fried so anyone would have loved this if they didn’t know it was an oyster. It was topped with kimchi, which tastes like a spicy slaw.

Third course was Jared’s pick, the mussels. I recently started to try mussels and just think they are ok, but I love love when Jared orders them because dipping bread in the sauce is always tasty. These mussels were made in roasted tomatoes and basil served with ciabatta bread. This course allowed me to take a nice break and enjoy my wine with a piece of ciabatta.

I can’t remember the name of the fourth course but it was pasta stuffed with short rib, purple cauliflower, and prawns (I think) in a lobster jus. It was good, but I was expecting more since I’m obsessed with short ribs. It could have used some more sauce instead of the light jus.

Fifth course was supposed to be the crab agnolotti with bok choy, coconut, mushrooms, and black tobiko, but luckily our waitress told us that it was very coconuty so I passed. I opted for another oyster po’ boy slider and wasn’t disappointed the second time around. I could have had 10 more, but we were in a slight time crunch because Jared had to catch a train.

It was finally time to have dessert so course six was the peanut butter chocolate. It was heaven. A cold peanut butter pie on a chocolate crumbly crust topped with raspberries and extra chocolate crumbles, sounds pretty basic, but oh so good.

The waitress then brought us our check, but little did she know this was a serious celebration and I wanted a second peanut butter chocolate dessert. I might have had one more, but like I said earlier we were in a hurry and had to jump in a cab to keep Jared on schedule.

It felt so good to eat everything that I wanted guilt-free. We will definitely be making a trip back to GT Fish & Oyster soon.


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