heels are ruining my workouts

So I didn’t quite share my entire Tuesday night with you all. I ended up taking shots, dancing the night away, and ending with potato skins and waffle fries. OOPS! It was worth it except I wore heels and since it was a Tuesday night it was very difficult finding a place to get our dance on.

I woke up Wednesday with two torn up feet. I called Wednesday a wash for working out so I ate extremely healthy (oatmeal, cottage cheese, salad, Protein Bar). This morning I was ready to go until I got all the way to the gym, put my spin shoes on, and started walking to class. I could barely walk and probably would have been in tears by the time I got to the class. I had to turn around and walk home, so disappointed. This all means I’m only working out 4 times this week, which just feels totally weird since I’m used to go 6-7 times. It’s not a big deal, but I just want to work it real hard before Napa. Only 13 days till vaca splurging and I’m not holding back. Friday morning body pump class is happening.


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