such a sous chef

This year Jared decided to get a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share delivered to our house. It’s a weekly box containing the best of what’s in season from a local farm. We’ve received a TON of potatoes in the last couple weeks, which don’t really mesh well with my healthy lifestyle. Instead of letting the potatoes go bad I had the brilliant idea of making gnocchi and freezing it all (I know what you’re thinking and I know I’m not the chef of the household). I only had this idea, because Jared makes an amazing gnocchi and we have previously froze the leftovers. The entire process took around 5 hours, luckily half of that was baking the potatoes and letting them cool. We used Jonathan Waxman’s recipe, but we will most likely explore his butternut squash creation for the final product. Here’s how we made it and I do mean we, I was quite the sous chef:

1. Bake the potatoes at 400 for 1 hour

2. Peel potatoes

3. Mash the potatoes

4. Create the dough

5. Roll out the dough

6. Cut the dough and you have gnocchi!

Unfortunately, my meal plans until Napa do not accommodate gnocchi, but we will have it sometime in September or October. A dinner party with a couple types of pasta and a large bottle of wine is in the works.

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