feelin good

It’s been a great week for being healthy! It feels really good since I’ve had lots of splurging the past few weeks. Today made 5 days in a row of eating healthy and exercising. I was supposed to take Body Pump this morning, but was in the mood to zone out and take spin. It was nice to change things up with a new instructor and she made it a 60 min class instead of the usual 45 min. With all this being healthy I’m happy to say tonight was an amazing splurge night. Jared and I went to dinner at Next Restaurant with a few of our friends. We sat at the kitchen table and ate around 12 courses. The menu this time was Tour of Thailand, so it wasn’t heavy like the Paris 1906 menu (butter, butter, and more butter for French cuisine, right?). We also got 1 non-alcoholic drink pairing and stopped by The Aviary after dinner. The juices were to die for. Here’s a teaser…one of everyone’s fav courses, the coconut, corn, egg, and licorice dessert. Lots more to come when I get a chance to write about it!


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