virgin america all the way

I can’t get over what an awesome in flight experience I’m having on Virgin America. When you walk onto a Virgin America plane it looks like a night club, so fancy! It took a while to take off since it’s O’hare, so Jared and I played a few word games on the screen.

I noticed you could order food from your seat right away so I picked out a half bottle of wine and salted caramel popcorn, both were good and the caramel corn was only 100 calories. I thought I was starting my vacation splurge until I saw those nutritional facts. I took a pic, but can’t share right now since it’s on my phone. After my snack I took a nap, ate more (decent roast beef sandwich), and watched some Bravo.

We have about an hour left then Jared and I have to drive to Napa, which should only take an hour. I can’t wait to get there and start the real vaca even though I feel like a kid in a candy store on this flight. Tomorrow morning we are getting mud baths at Spa Solage and dinner at Bottega Napa Valley, Michael Chiarello’s restaurant. I’m not a fan of him, he was quite the jerk on Top Chef Master’s, but his food looks amazing so my taste buds win. Not sure what we’re doing in between those plans, probably some pool time. Friday and Saturday are our big wine days, but I’m sure there will be plenty tomorrow!


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