i’d rather be in napa…

Now that was an amazing vacation. Napa Wednesday-Sunday followed by San Fran until Tuesday, but I could have stayed in Napa for so many more days. First, let me share my virgin america pic that I mentioned on our first day of vaca. I’m still talking about that flight. I ordered the 479 popcorn on the way home too. The flight had the fleur de sel caramel flavor and I also got to try the black truffle & white cheddar in the San Fran airport. I’ll definitely be ordering that popcorn online. Only 100 calories for a huge serving!

The airport was also very exciting. We stepped off the plane and Pinkberry was right there! Ok, this isn’t very exciting considering Chicago has a Pinkberry only a short walk from my condo, but it was the first time I got to try the new flavor, peanut butter!!! So so so good, no joke. We got it when we landed and for the plane ride home. Besides Pinkberry our terminal had two places called Napa Farms Market and Vino Volo. It was really nice looking so we stopped there for a late lunch on Tuesday before heading home. We had the roasted chicken with 2 sides, avocado salad and a chickpea/chorizo salad. This market also sold Kara’s Cupcakes and Three Twins Organic Ice Cream. I had to pass on those since we also had a wine and cheese flight from Vino Volo. I’ll tell you much more about the cupcakes and ice cream in a later post.

So I know this post was only about the flight and airport, but I have much more to say about the actual trip (so much food, wine, and even exercise)! I had a quick 2 days back at work, unpacking, girls night, and now I need to finish packing for tomorrow. I’m heading to Myrtle Beach for my girlfriend Lorna’s bachelorette party. I figured I’d blog on the plane since I have time to kill.


One Comment to “i’d rather be in napa…”

  1. I’ve heard good things about Virgin Airlines. Next time I fly out somewhere I’ll have to check it out. We went to Napa for our honeymoon and I loved it!!! I wish we would’ve spent more time San Francisco.

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