napa part 2

Day 2 of Napa was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had with Jared. First, I was terrified of riding bikes around because there were a few busy roads, but the plan was if I didn’t feel comfortable riding then we’d take cabs around. Luckily, I was a natural and loved the bike riding.

Stop 1

Oxbow Market, because I wanted to start the day with mini cupcakes. Unfortunately, they weren’t serving cupcakes until 11 and we didn’t have time to wait around, there was drinking to be done. Instead we started with a bottle of prosecco and a pabellon maize’wich from Pica Pica Maize Kitchen.

Stop 2

Trader Joe’s for a couple bottles of wine. After seeing those tasting prices the day before we knew we had to be prepared if we were getting our drink on. Did you know Charles Shaw is still 2 bucks in Cali? I feel ripped off now.

Stop 3

Cupcakes. Jared found me a cupcake place, Sift, near Trader Joe’s. We weren’t very impressed and actually left part of the cookies n cream one. Oh well. We had 2 more days to stop by Kara’s.

Stop 4
Wine tasting. We were already a few miles into our bike ride and needed to hydrate.

Stop 5
Yountville. I think it was about 8 miles to Yountville. It’s a cute town where many of the nice restaurants are located including Bottega, so what do we do after 2 bottles of booze and only a half sandwich and a cupcake? Eat lunch at Bottega of course! We ordered a quartino of wine, 2 orders of bread, and the succotash and raviolo from the previous night. After lunch we walked around and had a snack at Bouchon Bakery. For some reason we thought our buzz was wearing off so we stopped at another cute restaurant for a royal flush shot.

Stop 6 and 7

Wineries. We thought we should probably check out a couple more wineries even though we could have stayed in Yountville for longer. We road a few more miles and then went to two wineries that were within a mile of each other, Plumpjack and I can’t remember the other name. We definitely needed to rest when we got to the first winery, then we got our energy back for a tasting and snapping a couple pics.

Plumpjack was our favorite of the 3 wineries we visited. We ended up doing a tasting and buying a bottle of wine. Jared also needed his large wine bottle pic.

Stop 8

Some market where we bought a mini meatloaf and tuna salad to hold us over until dinner. The wine was definitely catching up to us and we have no pics.

Stop 9
Napa sign cause we needed a pic I guess. The rest of the evening was as fuzzy as this pic.

Stop 10

Mustard’s Grill. We were an hour early for our reservation so we decided to go finish our Plumpjack bottle in the gardens. After the fuzzy dinner we called a cab and past out at our hotel. It was definitely a successful day! We can’t wait to do it again. We’re thinking next Napa trip needs 2 biking days.


2 Comments to “napa part 2”

  1. hey jess –

    is that winery you stopped at (stop 7) silver oak? brian and i were there last summer. yummy wine : ). you guys look like you’re having fun and i’m jealous!


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