shoulda woulda coulda

That’s what Samantha says on Sex and the City. I said this statement to myself earlier in the week when I decided to skip my planned workouts on Monday AND Tuesday. Instead of beating myself up over it I just smiled and thought I’m ok with it. This is a huge step for me since I stress about my food/workouts way too much. I said the hell with those workouts, but I didn’t throw everything out the window. Since I had been on vacation for pretty much over a week I decided to ease my way back into reality. First, I didn’t say much in my napa posts, but while on vacation I did workout a couple times, we biked around 15 miles one day, and walked a ton in San Fran. I also got 2 workouts at my gym in between the Cali and Myrtle Beach trips. Go me. So when Monday and Tuesday morning came and my alarm went off at 6:05am I decided I would sleep in, promise myself I wouldn’t be upset, and eat healthy all day. I did all 3 of those things. Wednesday came and I hopped right out of bed and hit the gym. It also felt amazing. I bet if I would have forced myself to go on Monday I would have hated it. Overall, I had an extremely healthy week and 3 workouts in by today. Tonight is pizza night, check that out! It’s italian salami, shallots, and red sauce. And of course it’s paired with a glass of wine!

And tomorrow I’m shooting for a double workout since I have double birthday celebrations in the evening! Enjoy your weekend!


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