A Taste For Skinny Workout Schedule: Week of May 13

I’ve got a busy week of plans aka eating out with Jared and friends (3 dinners, 1 lunch so far), so I’ve scheduled a workout everyday this week. My typical week includes 5-6 workouts and only classes, but lately I’ve been wanting to switch things up. Jared ran me through a painful awesome new leg workout on Saturday, so I’m going to incorporate that into my weekly workouts. I’m also in the process of adding different cardio into my routine, because I’ve been doing a lot of spin lately. I try to change things up before I get really tired of doing something, otherwise I’ll want to start taking days off.

Sunday: Cardio on my own (walked on the treadmill at an incline, tried out a new elliptical-like machine)

Monday: Body strength (done) & first bike ride of the season (excited and very nervous!!!)

Tuesday: Spin & leg workout

Wednesday: Body strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday: Spin & sprint

Saturday: Bike ride outside or spin & body strength

We have dinner plans tonight with Matt and Diana, and we just decided to ride our bikes to the restaurant since it’s such a gorgeous night. I’m super nervous since this is my first bike ride in the city of Chicago! Off we go, I hope I’m not stressed out the whole time!


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