A Taste For Skinny Workout Schedule: Week of May 20

Let’s recap last week. Basically, I killed it. Went to the gym everyday or for a bike ride. The only change I made was lifting instead of sprints on Friday. My main reason for that was knowing that the weather was going to be gorgeous on Saturday, so I knew it wouldn’t contain any weights. I did my new leg workout twice, but didn’t try any new cardio. One thing at a time I guess! As for biking in the city, it is almost as scary as I thought it would be!! I was sweating within 2 minutes, because I was so stressed. I enjoyed it, but really had to focus since there are cars, pedestrians, other bikers, etc. out there. Monday night we met our friends at dinner and Saturday we took a nice long ride and went on the lake path for part of it. The lake path is a little too busy for me until you get further north, but it will all take a little getting used to. The most amazing part of biking is realizing how quickly you can get anywhere in the city. I definitely want to start biking places instead of taking the bus/el. Let’s move on to this week!

Sunday: Weights & cardio (I did my leg workout and walked on an incline wearing a weighted vest. The weighted vest is a pretty awesome way to burn a few more calories.)

Monday: Body strength (done)

Tuesday: Spin Off (I ended up skipping the gym this morning, because I had a stressful Monday and needed a little extra rest.)

Wednesday: Body strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday-Monday: Off since I’m going home for the holiday weekend. I’m definitely going to try and get a few walks in and make healthy decision 85% of the time. I haven’t been home since December, so I have to hit up my fav restaurants and summer ice cream spots.


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