about me

Hey! I’m Jess and I’m a 20-something, young professional, super fun, food loving girl living in Chicago!

In my spare time I love having fun with my family, my boyfriend Jared and our cute pooch Madison. This pic was taken on Madison’s 1st birthday last year after she ate her frozen yogurt (for dogs).

My life pretty much revolves around food whether it’s my normal breakfast that excites me almost everyday (oatmeal and nut butter), Jared cooking an amazing meal, having girls night, or trying one of the many restaurants that Chicago has to offer. If I’m not eating I love to shop, which are the 2 biggest reasons for this blog. If I want to eat and look good then I better be working out.

I started this blog as a way to keep me in check with my goals. I also had a lot of friends asking me how I was getting in shape. I’ve been the same size for almost my whole life (except those couple pesky college years where partying was way more important) and never really happy with it. I’d say I was normal, but normal wasn’t making me happy. I wanted to be just a little tighter, so I finally did something about it in fall 2010 – I joined a fancy gym, bought lots of Lululemon clothes, upped my workouts, saw a nutritionist, and finally started seeing some results come April 2011. This really jumped started my motivation to living a healthier lifestyle, but still having all of my favorite splurges along the way.

I hope you enjoy A Taste For Skinny and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at atasteforskinny@gmail.com!


2 Comments to “about me”

  1. I found your blog via Carrots & Cake 🙂 Good luck with your weight loss goals, it can be tricky in the windy city!! I blog at lvs11.blogspot.com!

  2. Thanks Maria!!! I’ll definitely be checking out your blog. I want to see what kind of healthy living community Chicago has to offer!

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