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May 22, 2012

A Taste For Skinny Workout Schedule: Week of May 20

Let’s recap last week. Basically, I killed it. Went to the gym everyday or for a bike ride. The only change I made was lifting instead of sprints on Friday. My main reason for that was knowing that the weather was going to be gorgeous on Saturday, so I knew it wouldn’t contain any weights. I did my new leg workout twice, but didn’t try any new cardio. One thing at a time I guess! As for biking in the city, it is almost as scary as I thought it would be!! I was sweating within 2 minutes, because I was so stressed. I enjoyed it, but really had to focus since there are cars, pedestrians, other bikers, etc. out there. Monday night we met our friends at dinner and Saturday we took a nice long ride and went on the lake path for part of it. The lake path is a little too busy for me until you get further north, but it will all take a little getting used to. The most amazing part of biking is realizing how quickly you can get anywhere in the city. I definitely want to start biking places instead of taking the bus/el. Let’s move on to this week!

Sunday: Weights & cardio (I did my leg workout and walked on an incline wearing a weighted vest. The weighted vest is a pretty awesome way to burn a few more calories.)

Monday: Body strength (done)

Tuesday: Spin Off (I ended up skipping the gym this morning, because I had a stressful Monday and needed a little extra rest.)

Wednesday: Body strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday-Monday: Off since I’m going home for the holiday weekend. I’m definitely going to try and get a few walks in and make healthy decision 85% of the time. I haven’t been home since December, so I have to hit up my fav restaurants and summer ice cream spots.

May 14, 2012

A Taste For Skinny Workout Schedule: Week of May 13

I’ve got a busy week of plans aka eating out with Jared and friends (3 dinners, 1 lunch so far), so I’ve scheduled a workout everyday this week. My typical week includes 5-6 workouts and only classes, but lately I’ve been wanting to switch things up. Jared ran me through a painful awesome new leg workout on Saturday, so I’m going to incorporate that into my weekly workouts. I’m also in the process of adding different cardio into my routine, because I’ve been doing a lot of spin lately. I try to change things up before I get really tired of doing something, otherwise I’ll want to start taking days off.

Sunday: Cardio on my own (walked on the treadmill at an incline, tried out a new elliptical-like machine)

Monday: Body strength (done) & first bike ride of the season (excited and very nervous!!!)

Tuesday: Spin & leg workout

Wednesday: Body strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday: Spin & sprint

Saturday: Bike ride outside or spin & body strength

We have dinner plans tonight with Matt and Diana, and we just decided to ride our bikes to the restaurant since it’s such a gorgeous night. I’m super nervous since this is my first bike ride in the city of Chicago! Off we go, I hope I’m not stressed out the whole time!

September 19, 2011

hello fall

I couldn’t be happier that fall is here…boots, leggings, blazers, butternut squash, and the latest Starbucks beverage – salted caramel mocha. I actually had 4 of those things this past weekend (no butternut squash).

It was a great fall weekend. The weather was perfect for fall clothing and relaxing. Saturday I did back to back spin classes and learned a few new exercises. I’ve been wanting to get in new leg exercises to get them a little leaner. I’ll be testing those out this week for sure!

Saturday night was back to back birthday celebrations, which ended up being tons of fun! Jared and I started the night at our favorite wine bar, 694. This has been our third Saturday at 694 for their Food Truck A Go-Go event. We love going there and just found out the owner is extending it through the fall. It’s a good place to get Saturday evening started.

Next up was dinner at Bin 36 for Jen’s birthday, followed by a stop at Sable. After Jen’s celebration we headed north to Scott and Gina’s place for Gina’s birthday party. I didn’t take a single pic, because the iphone 3g camera is terrible. I’m thinking about getting a real camera, because the phone is just kind of annoying for blogging. Jared thinks I just need to upgrade, we’ll see.

Sunday was rainy so I stayed in sweats and went to Starbucks for a few hours with Jared. He had to prepare for a class that he’s teaching tomorrow, so I relaxed and finished my book – Last Night At Chateau Marmont. I know, such a girlie book, but I just love that kind so much!

Today was a pretty good Monday. I ended up going to spin this morning and body strength after work. Dinner was tuna, bok choy, and kohlrabi. The bok choy was spicy and kohlrabi was sweet,perfect combination! Next up is a little couch time and relaxing. We’ve got a big week of fun ahead of us since tomorrow is Jared’s birthday!!

Do you prefer to take pics with your phone or camera? What would you recommend to me for my blogging?

September 16, 2011

shoulda woulda coulda

That’s what Samantha says on Sex and the City. I said this statement to myself earlier in the week when I decided to skip my planned workouts on Monday AND Tuesday. Instead of beating myself up over it I just smiled and thought I’m ok with it. This is a huge step for me since I stress about my food/workouts way too much. I said the hell with those workouts, but I didn’t throw everything out the window. Since I had been on vacation for pretty much over a week I decided to ease my way back into reality. First, I didn’t say much in my napa posts, but while on vacation I did workout a couple times, we biked around 15 miles one day, and walked a ton in San Fran. I also got 2 workouts at my gym in between the Cali and Myrtle Beach trips. Go me. So when Monday and Tuesday morning came and my alarm went off at 6:05am I decided I would sleep in, promise myself I wouldn’t be upset, and eat healthy all day. I did all 3 of those things. Wednesday came and I hopped right out of bed and hit the gym. It also felt amazing. I bet if I would have forced myself to go on Monday I would have hated it. Overall, I had an extremely healthy week and 3 workouts in by today. Tonight is pizza night, check that out! It’s italian salami, shallots, and red sauce. And of course it’s paired with a glass of wine!

And tomorrow I’m shooting for a double workout since I have double birthday celebrations in the evening! Enjoy your weekend!

August 29, 2011

double workout monday!

Oh yes, I did it! 1 body strength class and 3 miles of walking at a varied incline. And the only reason I did it is because I put it in my calendar. I didn’t want to have to update the calendar and say I failed to do it. It’s only Monday, I shouldn’t be backing out of workouts even if it was a double workout day. I’m workin it cause vacation starts Wednesday night! I am so excited to relax with Jared, drink too much wine, eat some amazing food, get my first mud bath, and see some amazing friends! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a vaca yet. It has everything I like all rolled into one vacation.

Tonight’s dinner was keeping with the super healthy theme till vaca. A giant crab cake and fresh corn/tomato salad. I love this one! Jared makes the best crab cakes.