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August 25, 2011

smelly spin

This mornings spin class was a good one. I haven’t been able to wear spin shoes for the last week since I cut my feet while wearing heels, so I was happy to get back into my routine. The only down fall was realizing I sat right near a smelly guy. I already set up my bike and clipped in so I wasn’t going to go across the room. I prefer to get settled fast so I don’t start stressing out when the lights go out. Ugh, it was terrible. I don’t know if he wore the same shirt from yesterdays workout or what, but he should have realized how bad it was for the people around him. Anyways, spin went well and my feet felt great.

Last night’s grilling night was fun! We always have a good time with Scott and Gina. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen them since our Lobster Party in June. It’s always so hard to make plans in the summer. Jared made an excellent meal using most of our CSA items. We even had a purple pepper, which taste just like green peppers but they’re way cooler looking. I went over on my 10 ounces of wine with a total of 15 ounces, but whatevs. I just can’t help how much I love wine!