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August 25, 2011

sharing my meal and workout schedule

I created a new section of my blog labeled calendar in the main nav. Here I will share my planned workouts, meals, and splurges for the week to better help me reach my goals. I will also document how I change my schedule when something unexpected comes up (last minute happy hour or dinner out). Hopefully this motivates you to plan out your schedule since we can’t have it all!

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August 22, 2011

tier 2 celebration

I made it to tier 2 a couple weeks ago and finally decided how to reward myself! It’s the end of August and fall is fast approaching. Of course the cooler weather makes me sad, but I’m always ready for the wardrobe change. I didn’t need a new handbag and I actually am going to a spa in Napa next week, so I decided to get a pair of Michael Kors over-the-knee boots. I’ll be pairing these with lots of skirts, dresses, and leggings. I’m kind of excited if you couldn’t tell!

This is all very exciting, but now comes the hard part: reaching tier 3. It’s only 3 inches and the last time I measured it was only 2.5, but I have a feeling it’s going to get tough. I’m going to attempt to change up my workouts some. I’d like to get in one heavy weight workout once a week since I do a lot of body strength classes that focus on multiple reps with lighter weights. I also want to run a few miles for some extra cardio. I’m talking 2-3 miles, nothing crazy. I just need to change things up a little since I’m on the verge of getting bored.

August 19, 2011

it’s getting easier

So I had my planned girls night and my unplanned night out all in the same night which was followed by 2 days of missing planned workouts because of my heels. I could have totally gone down hill since I had lunch plans yesterday, cake at work yesterday and today, and we’re having friends over for dinner tonight. I stayed strong and used every ounce of will power to eat a beet salad at Piccolo Sogno yesterday for lunch. Yes, beets are a favorite of mine, but Piccolo also has my favorite bread and pasta dishes so trust me that was a toughy. And cake!??! I LOVE cake, but I didn’t even look at it. I definitely think it’s getting easier to stick to my plan and still have splurges. I just have to remind myself which splurges are most important since I can’t have it all. This morning I made it to body pump and worked it real hard. I cringed when I got to class and saw who the sub was. Her name is Maria and she has a rock hard body. I never get a chance to take her classes, but love when she subs. I always seem to work a tiny bit harder with her. Tonight we’re having friends over for dinner so I’ll be splurging on some wine, but we’re doing grilled chicken, veggies, and fruit to keep it super healthy! Since I’ve killed it with being healthy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (fingers crossed I don’t do anything crazy tonight) I’ll be splurging on something tomorrow, just not sure what!